Preferred Freezer Services launches logistics monitoring

Chatham, NJ, US: Preferred Freezer Services has introduced a logistics offering to assist its cold storage customers with the storage and final delivery of goods. Using an online tracking system, the new PFS Logistics division’s service enables customers to monitor their product from port to freezer and freezer to final customer destination process.

“Our goal is to simplify the transportation sourcing, management, and execution process for our customers,” says Kevin Daly, vice-president, sales. “We are working every day to bring a level of simplicity and service yet to be demonstrated in this industry.”

Tendering a load to be moved by PFS Logistics is as simple as selecting PFS Logistics through the company’s Preferred Online web form.

“The new PFS Logistics service provides added visibility throughout the supply chain, from port drayage to any PFS freezer and from the freezer to the end retail or foodservice client,” the company says.

“This allows users to inventory their product in the most advantageous location and also leverage the benefits of consolidation of goods with other outbound shipments to maximize transportation efficiencies. PFS Logistics seamlessly consolidates the goods and executes the entire transportation process, including carrier payment. This offers more flexibility, inventory control, and immediate cost savings.”