Remote temperature monitoring and alarms

Comark Instruments ethernet enabled RF542 temperature data monitor

Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK: Comark Instruments has launched an ethernet enabled RF542 temperature data monitor.  Real-time temperature data collection of remote sites is now cost-effective and scalable using an existing local area network (LAN) to transmit data to the gateway hub.

“These LAN temperature data monitors can be used in conjunction with Comark’s RF500 wireless monitoring range to extend the system with a mix of wireless and network data collection,” the comopany says.

“All RF500 data collection models are programmed via an RF500A Gateway which also gives data access and reporting via an internet browser, with security features such user administration rights, electronic date stamps and signatures to aid compliance with regulations such as those required by FSA/ HACCP/ BRC,” says the company.

Full audit capability with rapid identification and warning of alarm conditions means the RF500 System provides all the necessary assurance for due diligence and HACCP procedures where records are maintained.