Remould tyres cut Solstor carbon footprint

Crayford, Kent, UK: Solstor UK reports  an a reduction of almost 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in the nine months since it moved to a Vacu-Lug tyres.

Solstor adopted a Vacu-Lug new and remould tyre policy for its tractor unit fleet last May, and replaced its new-only policy with a Vacu-Lug remould deal on its trailer fleet.

“Solstor is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, and we recognise the contribution being made … to our operations by Vacu-Lug,” says Andy Hitchings, operations director for Solstor UK.

“In addition to benefiting the environment, the switch in our tyre policy is also proving financially successful, while operational service levels are unaffected,” he says.

Since embarking on its new tyre policies, more than 350 Vacu-Lug Duramold super-single tyres have been fitted to the Solstor trailer fleet, saving 54.2kg of carbon dioxide emissions per tyre.

This figure equates to the reduced amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the remould manufacturing process, compared to that of a new tyre.