Significance of the cold chain industry in the Gulf Region

Dubai, UAE: The conference “Cold Chain 2012 – Optimization for Food & Pharma conference” (2-3 October 2012, Dubai, UAE) will address the current state of cold chain infrastructure in different regions and learn about innovations in active and passive cold chain.

Prathapachandra Shetty, Emirates Star Fisheries, Dubai, said: “The significance of the cold chain is very high in the GCC (Gulf) region in comparison to any other region in the world. The region imports almost everything from countries like USA, Australia and New Zealand.

“Efficient and cost effective supply chain is the mantra of the GCC region, as important life-saving pharmaceuticals, frozen food items, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, etc. arrive almost every day from different part of the world. At Cold Chain 2012 experts including scientists and industry professionals from different parts of the world will congregate in Dubai for two days to discuss on the various aspects and significance of the cold chain.”