Six percent fuel saving with telematics

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK: Freightroute has reduced fuel consumption by 6% using driver behaviour monitoring software.

Freightroute has a 126-truck fleet with annual fuel bills over £3m (US4.7m). The company purchased Mandata‘s Driver Behaviour software in January 2010 to help ease and control the pressure of rocketing fuel costs to the business, as well as a central tool with which to educate drivers.

Mandata’s Manpack3 system had been in operation since 2007. Its Tracking and Driver Behaviour software links directly into its Manpack3 TMS system.

Michael Hurford, financial director, FreightRoute said “the simple task of reducing our driver idling times was our primary focus and we immediately saw a reduction in fuel usage.

“This, combined with basic driver awareness and education led to real fuel savings and overall we have achieved a 6% plus reduction in fuel usage.”

“Our loyal and hardworking drivers have responded well to driver monitoring and have been flexible in their approach to change; understanding the impact fuel efficient driving can have over the future growth and stability of the business. Our drivers have a thirst for information, striving to achieve the highest score in our driver league table.”

Richard Bird, IT supervisor, FreightRoute was involved with Mandata from an early stage in the planning and implementation process of the software, working alongside programmers to customise matrices to ensure the proficiency and accuracy of driver data.

Bird said “Investments made in tracking and driver behaviour will not only allow us to benefit from greater savings in what are challenging economic times, but will also help ensure our duty of care to our drivers and members of the public is maintained.

“Changing the attitudes of our drivers now will allow us to make further savings in fuel in the future, ensuring we are well equipped to compete with key players in the industry.”

Depot managers monitor daily driver data and meet with drivers with lower score ratings regularly and provide training to that provides immediate improvements in driving style.

Bird said “Driver attitudes match up to driver score cards. As soon as our drivers are aware of the direct impact their individual driving plays to our overall company profit, we notice an improvement in their driving performance almost immediately.”

FreightRoute has made substantial savings already using the system and anticipates a return on the investment in Mandata telematics system within the first 24 months of installation.