Staf gets Thermo King Energy Efficiency Leader Award

Villeneuve Le Roi, Paris, France: Thermo King has presented Staf with an Energy Efficiency Leader Award in recognition of Staf’s work implementing Thermo King’s cryogenics refrigeration system.

In 2011 Staf piloted five trucks converted to use the new CryoTech refrigeration system with recycled R-744 refrigerant. The open-loop system reduces emissions and provides superior performance compared to conventional diesel-powered units. Staf has cut its CO2 emissions by approximately 44,560kg annually with the new solution without compromising refrigeration performance.

The switch will enable Staf to meet Piek low-noise requirements and the regulations regarding priority air action zones or Zone d’Actions Prioritaires pour l’Air (ZAPA). The French authorities have started implementing experimental ZAPA and banning highly pollutant vehicles from low emission zones to improve air quality in urban zones.

“Innovation has always given us a strategic competitive edge at Staf,” said Kara Mendjel, chief executive officer, Staf.

“We’re very pleased that the Thermo King CryoTech refrigeration units go beyond increasing sustainability, optimizing performance and reducing costs to actually anticipate regulatory and commercial requirements, creating a win on all fronts.”

The CryoTech refrigeration units provide an exceptionally quiet refrigeration solution and substantially exceed the demanding Piek low-noise standard which make them ideal for the demands of distribution in dense urban areas such as Paris and its surrounding suburbs, the company says.

“Transport distribution in large cities generally mean frequent door openings, allowing ambient air to enter the cargo space, raising temperature and risking damage to the load. The CryoTech units offer quick temperature recovery and precision temperature control. This in turn reduces the risk of product spoilage and extends shelf-life of the transported produce.”

“Thermo King is pleased to offer proven cryogenic technology, backed up by more than a decade of experience with this innovative technology,” said Eric Lunven, managing director of Paris Froid Services, the local Thermo King dealer. “CryoTech offers a sustainable alternative that is ideally suited to the rigorous demands of an urban distribution operation.  Our in-house expertise will ensure that Staf continues to experience a seamless transition to the new technology.”

Staf was founded in 1969 by Michel Mendjel under the name Transport Mendjel.  His brother, Kara, took over the management of the company, creating the name Staf in 1986 and specialising in refrigerated transport. Today, the company has its own maintenance facility and operates 630 vehicles. It primarily serves the retail sector distributing fresh, chilled and frozen food in addition to cosmetics and flowers.