Stef acquires KL Services

Paris: Stef has acquired KL Services following approval by the competition authority.  KL Services, set up in 2004, provides logistics services for out-of-home catering and restaurants in France since 2004. The company delivers to 500 restaurants in France and operates from a multi-temperature warehouse in Trappes (Yvelines) with sales in 2011 in logistics of €14m.

Jean-Pierre Sancier, managing director, Stef says: “The acquisition of KL Services is justified by the strong complementary of our two companies and their teams in the market for out-of-home catering and restaurants logistics. KL Services brings its deep knowledge and expertise in this activity and enables STEF to extend its offer in this field. STEF can develop KL Services present offer through its integration into STEF network for transport services which are presently sub-contracted.

“Moreover the sharing of our best practices will mean our customers can access to best-in class expertise. To STEF, this is a landmark transaction for our strategy of optimizing our operations and long-term investment in out-of-home catering and restaurants logistics. I am also pleased to point out that this transaction has received the unanimous blessing from the workers committee of KL Services”.