STEF-TFE and PepsiCo France sign human resources agreement

Paris, France:  Temperature-controlled company STEF-TFE and PepsiCo France have signed an agreement on the exchange of skills in supply chain human resources.

PepsiCo France and STEF-TFE decided to enter a new phase in their logistics partnership and to go beyond the usual out-sourcing relationship between a manufacturer and its logistics operator: the two companies will share transferable best practices and human resources expertise from their respective logistics activities. The companies will share best supply chain human resources practices and promote intercompany cohesion with events such as bonding days.

Vincent Prolongeau, general manager of PepsiCo France, says: “This partnership between a manufacturer and a logistics operator is unique and exciting. It proves that partnerships, beyond their economical justification, also involve people from two companies.”

The exchange of skills is part of PepsiCo’s “Performance with purpose” project that aims to promote enhanced respect for people and the environment.