STEF-TFE refrigerated transport CO2 calculator gets audit certificate

Paris, France: STEF-TFE is the first cold logistics operator to obtain an assessment certificate for the carbon footprint relative to the fuel consumption of vehicles and refrigeration units.

The calculator covers all STEF-TFE’s transport activities in France and gives the carbon footprint associated with each transport order. It takes into account mileage, fuel consumption required for the transport operation and for the client’s relative share of the vehicle load.

The cold transport calculator covers all CO2 emissions related to fuel consumption of vehicles and refrigeration units for STEF-TFE’s fully owned fleet and that of sub-contracted transport.

Serge Captitane, deputy managing director of STEF-TFE and chair of STEF-TFE’s sustainable development steering committee said: “The reliability and recognized legitimacy of our CO2 calculator testify to the determination of the group to offer its customers a rigorous and precise tool for the carbon footprint of their transport operations.

“To STEF-TFE, it was very important to have the methodology of its calculation assessed by an independent body recognized by all professionals. This assessment certificate is an important step, after the acceleration of the upgrading program of our fleet in Euro V. It reinforces our position as a leading player in cold logistics.”

Jean-Marc Bruere, deputy general manager of STEF-TFE’s transport business, said:

“STEF-TFE’s CO2 calculator for transport enables customers to be involved in efforts to reduce emissions through the individualization of CO2 emissions. It could lead to partnerships around shared commitments to reduce CO2 per tonne through consolidation and other logistic parameters. It could also lead to experimenting with new solutions.”

In 2009, STEF-TFE developed a pilot to calculate CO2 emissions of its transport operations, using information from its transport management system. In 2010, this calculator was submitted to the Bio Intelligence Service, a European specialist that offers studies and consultancy on environmental issues for products.

In 2011, Bureau Veritas Certification assessed the calculation method. Bureau Veritas Certification audited the tool and methodology and certified that STEF-TFE’s CO2 calculator meet three principles: reliability of data used for setting the calculator, qualification of operators of the calculator, and control of the results.

STEF-TFE has been involved with measuring the carbon footprint of transport at national level with the Centre for Energy Environment Transport and European level with the European Committee for Standardization for the development of a standard CEN/TC320; PR NF EN 16258; methodology for calculating and reporting of energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) from transport services.

STEF-TFE has signed the ADEME charter for voluntary commitments to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport of goods. This commitment includes deliviery fleet renewal to meet Euro V by the end of 2011, reduced fuel consumption, vehicle technology improvements, eco-driving training. These measures should allow STEF-TFE to achieve its goal of reducing CO2 emissions from its road transport activities by 7% per tonne/km over the 2010-2012 period, the company says.