Temperature-controlled courier firm owner speaks out on fuel

Glynis Kemp, owner of GMK Panic Link, a refrigerated transport courier service based in Holbeach, has told the local Spalding press that she has to carefully plan her drivers’ journeys in a bid to rein in her current £7,000 weekly fuel bill for her seven-vehicle fleet.

Kemp’s comments were made following the debate in the House of Commons this week on fuel duty where MPs supported the motion urging the government to take action. On Tuesday, MPs demanded that Chancellor George Osborne consider scrapping a 3p fuel duty rise planned for January after a debate was triggered by Downing Street e-petition supported by over 110,000 voters.

Kemp told Spalding Today: “We are really having to forward plan already and it’s just going to get worse in the new year. I have been going for 12 years and my fuel bill has doubled in that time. Higher fuel prices affect everyone as we have to pass the cost on to our customers, who then pass it on to the retailers and ultimately to the shoppers.”