Tesco converts stores for double-deck trailers with Transdek

Welwyn Garden City, UK: Tesco has asked Transdek to convert 100 of its stores to accept deliveries from double-deck trailers, using a vehicle to ground loading system which can be up and running within a day.

The retailer is using increasing numbers of double deck trailers in its operations as they can carry 55% more product per journey. A single deck can handle 45 cages against 75 in a double-decker.

The Transdek system is supplied as a pre-clad, pre-tested loadhouse unit, providing a ready-made temperature-controlled and secure environment for the protection of products between vehicles and the warehouse.

Transdek says it has confirmed orders from another two major supermarket groups for the system, and is in talks with architects from a supermarket regarding the system’s ability to allow new stores to be built without vehicle ramps or raised docks, saving on construction costs and minimising unprofitable back-of-store space.

The system is capable of unloading a single deck artic in 45 minutes. Transdek operations director Leon Butler said: “Because of its versatility, it can service any mix of delivery vehicles: both the single deck trailers of today, and the growing double deck fleets of tomorrow.”