Thermo King new lightweight undermount fridges

Brussels, Belgium: The new Thermo King UT series refrigeration units, designed for trucks and drawbar trailers requiring undermount applications, offer energy saving efficiency, greater sustainability and lower noise levels.

Thermo King’s new UT series, including the UT-800 and UT-1200 units, for high volume specialty cargo transport needs such as delivery of flowers, hanging meats and fresh produce.  The undermount application of these units maximizes truck box transport space.

“These solutions enable owners and operators to save money and increase sustainability while consistently providing the high quality product delivery on which their customers depend,” said Pascal Richard, transport product leader for Thermo King.

“The new UT-800, designed for truck compartments up to 7.5m in length, offers best-in-class fuel consumption and efficiency.  Likewise, the UT-1200, developed for compartment lengths up to 9.5 metres, is more than 10 percent more efficient than its predecessor, the UT-1200X.”

“Both solutions are designed to offer low noise levels with features such as a tuned intake muffler and exhaust system, a cyclonic air filter and a scroll compressor,” the company says.

The new units have an all-aluminium micro channel condenser coil rather than a conventional copper and aluminium fin-and-tube mechanism.  This approach provides a number of benefits including a reduction in length of over 190mm and a reduction in weight of more than 20kg.

The UT-1200 uses 28% less refrigerant for increased sustainability.  The micro channel coil reduces system operating temperatures and stresses enabling longer life on the system’s major components.

Both solutions include the TSR-2 controller platform that allows operators to accurately manage the temperature in the truck, no matter what products they are hauling.  Advanced fuel saving technology, combined with state- of-the-art temperature control logic, allows optimum load management while maximizing fleet profitability.

The TSR-2 platform also offers a choice of graphic interfaces to cater to the wide range of needs of fleet operators in the market.  The standard in-cab display shows all the information in clear symbolic form that can be understood by operators speaking any language.

“This universal approach increases ease of use and reduces the risk of operator error.  For even greater control of every aspect of a UT series unit, the advanced operator can choose the optional graphic premium in-cab display, which offers a simple, logical and easy-to-read interface in 21 languages,” says Thermo King.

TheTSR-2 controller also comes with a precise ServiceWatch preventative maintenance logger.  This built-in tracking feature monitors system performance and functionality so that service technicians can more quickly and easily complete diagnostics.  They can identify potential problems earlier and respond to them faster, maximizing fleet uptime.

The UT series also offers improved corrosion resistance for long life in even the most extreme conditions.  Both the UT-1200 and the UT-800 feature an all-aluminium condenser that prevents the onset of galvanic corrosion.  Furthermore, the units feature an automotive-grade e-coated frame that provides new levels of resistance to corrosion.