Total Produce Netherlands chooses Xsense cold chain monitoring system

Rotterdam, Netherlands:  Fresh produce provider Total Produce has opted for the Xsense Cold Chain Monitoring System to automatically download temperature-time data before the doors of the container are opened – that way the company can detect abnormalities in temperature and humidity before the container is unloaded.

Henk Nelisse, quality manager of Total Produce in the Netherlands, says: “Unlike in the past, most fresh produce is now supplied in reefer containers. Temperature data loggers are typically used to monitor the refrigeration during transportation from exporter to importer. These loggers need to be retrieved and then manually read, which considering the large amount of containers that are delivered is very time consuming. Furthermore, the data is also only available after the containers have been unloaded and the downloaded data then has to be sent back to the exporters.”

Total Produce in the Netherlands was interested in locating a technology that automatically downloads the temperature-time data before the container doors are opened. In the event of a temperature breach, this enables the surveyor to be called in before the container is unloaded.

Total Produce distributes some 250 million cartons of fresh produce to the retail, wholesale, foodservice and processing sectors across Europe annually.