TrackMan real-time monitoring at Pulleyn

Reading, UK: Pulleyn Transport is using an advanced telemetry system to monitor, track and protect high value loads against temperature variance.

Pulleyn, which specialises in the pharmaceutical logistics sector where goods must be carried between 2 – 8ºC, relies on the TrackMan system from HaulTech to provide real-time fleet performance information including vehicle positioning, mapping, temperature monitoring, journey logging and automatic alerts.

Pulleyn has 47 trailers and rigid trucks fitted with TrackMan temperature monitoring and positioning systems that are remotely supervised from Pulleyn’s traffic office.  Additionally, TrackMan monitors eight units within Pulleyn’s 3,900sq metre pharmaceutical refrigerated store.

Pulleyn Transport is using an advanced telemetry system from HaulTech to monitor, track and protect high value loads against temperature variance

The delicate nature and tight temperature bands at which pharmaceuticals must be handled brings the TrackMan system into its own, with significant financial and commercial benefits.

“We are entrusted with consignments of extremely high value” says managing director, Ryan Pulleyn.

“But it’s not just the monetary value at stake, we may be carrying bio-pharm’ products such as vaccines, which are urgently needed and any significant deviations in temperature or delays on route could quite literally be life threatening.

“Therefore we rely on a system which gives us tight control and analysis during every minute of every journey.  For instance, we have 27 trailers with dual refrigerators, both of which ‘talk’ to the system to determine the precise temperature of the load space and relay the information to our office and mobile phones in real time.

“This means that any deviation from the prescribed temperature will be instantly reported and acted upon.  If a load temperature should wander – and I’m pleased to say they rarely do – in Turkey for example, an alarm will be sent and we will know about it in Reading and take immediate action.”

The system provides complete assurance and transparency of data for Pulleyn’s customers, including a full audit trail from storage through loading and delivery and undoubtedly it has the capability to guard against loss or damage and provide significant operational efficiencies, Ryan Pulleyn says.

“TrackMan achieves significant commercial efficiencies both for Pulleyn Transport and our customers in turn. It is undoubtedly sophisticated but we believe it’s the people at HaulTech who really make the difference: round the clock support with a ‘can-do’ approach keeps our operation running smoothly and our customers provided with the high quality level of service which is essential in this specialist transport sector.”

Pulleyn Transport provides services to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey and Scandinavia. The company also provides HMRC-bonded warehousing and pharmaceutical stock management.
Pulleyn also cater for loads requiring temperatures between -30 and +30ºC including artwork, electronics, musical instruments and equipment and general chilled, frozen and ambient goods.