Transport manager refresher course

London, UK: Transport law law form Backhouse Jones is running a 2-day e-training transport manager refresher course next week but places are still available.

“With the requirement for ‘continuing professional development’ of transport managers now specifically referred to in the Statutory Guidance issued by the senior traffic commissioner and also an area now considered by the DVSA when assessing an operator’s compliance, it is clear that all transport managers must take steps to ensure they keep up to speed with the ever- evolving regulatory requirements placed upon them,” Backhouse Jones says.

“Our two-day transport manager refresher course is designed to support the continued professional development of transport managers through an examination of their role and the requirement to have “effective and continuous” management of their operator’s licences,” the law form says.

“We use examples and practical compliance-based scenarios to explain the issues and the solutions.  The course is available to both goods and passenger vehicle operations and is delivered online or in person if circumstances allow.  Delegates can see each other and ask questions throughout the training.”

The training takes place on 22 and 23 March The training runs from 09:30 – 16:30 and costs £540 per person. There’s a 20% discount for members of the Backhouse Jones BACKup scheme.