TRG website for driver and logistics services

London, UK; TRG has a new interactive website designed to appeal to potential drivers and internal staff recruits and new customers.

Nick Gordon, chief executive, TRG Logistics says: ”The rationale behind the new website is to make it easier for drivers to apply for jobs within the trg network as well as for customers, and potential new customers, who need to recruit additional drivers, logistics or warehousing staff through the extensive resources at trg.”

As well as giving the latest detailed and comprehensive national job availability, the new trg website outlines the company’s innovative World Class Driver programme, together with  providing full details of the extensive trg distribution fleet, summaries of all the latest news from within the trg Group of companies and client testimonials.

“By going on the site and entering the candidates zone, potential drivers can identify job availability in their region, together with signing up for e-mail job alerts and links via all popular social media. The site is very proactive for potential employees and customers, befitting the position of trg as the leading company in the driver supply market,” Gordon says.