UK riots hit UK temperature-controlled industry

London, UK: This week’s riots across London and other UK cities have caused disruption to the temperature-controlled supply chain and hit chilled storage sites.

Sainsbuy’s chilled and ambient distribution centre in Sainsbury’s depot in Waltham Abbey, Essex seemed to be the subject of an arson attack, according to the Telegraph. The warehousing was “ablaze and pouring thick black smoke”, reported the Telegraph.

At the same time Ceva Logistics said the company had liaised with customers to put in contingency measures during the riots. It admitted that maintaining full operational capability was  “challenging”.

London consultancy firm Crimson & Co has warned that supply chains have an important role to fulfill through these sorts of disturbances.

Sales director Dave Alberts says: “Contingency supply chain planning, often premised on catastrophic events outside the UK, can help restore livelihoods in a short space of time. It remains to be seen whether the contingency planning model can accurately handle the issue of domestic anarchy these disturbances have produced.

“The responsiveness of supply chains will be a crucial factor in limiting the profitability impact and helping quickly restore the livelihoods of those involved.”