UK van and truck sales rise

London, UK: Sales figures for new van and truck sales released today show month-on-month sales were up 17.7% on 2010 and up 23.7% on the rolling year.

The figures show recovery for the commercial vehicle market with May the sixteenth consecutive month in which the market has improved.

“The strength in the van market is coming from the 2 to 3.5 ton market which is disguising the weaker van sales of under 2 ton vans,” says Sue Robinson, director of the Retail Motor Industry Federation’s National Franchised Dealers Association, which represents UK commercial vehicle and franchised car retailers

“Smaller vans are often purchased by private and self-employed individuals who are experiencing the same lack of confidence in buying as the consumers in the car market,” she says.

Heavy truck sales were up again with the biggest growth coming from 3 axle tractors at 60.9%. Unfortunately the rigid truck market is static with only half a percent increase in the year to date.

“A concern is that buyers of non HGV licence 7.5 ton trucks are down-sizing to 3.5 ton vans and trucks to avoid having to comply with ‘O’ licence implications,” she said.