Ukraine’s largest “refrigerator” to be launched in Kherson

Kherson, Ukraine: The first stage of the largest refrigeration complex for fruit and vegetable storage is planned to launch in Kherson by autumn 2011.

“This will be the largest cooling complex in Ukraine with the capacity of about 10,000-tonnes, which will, in fact, enable us to store agricultural products produced by local producers until the late spring,” says the head of the Kherson Oblast State Administration Mykola Kostyak.

According to Kostyak, the project will be implemented in three phases: the commissioning of the first stage of the complex with a fridge for up to 1,800-tonnes is scheduled for September 2011, the second and the third stages with the launch of a refrigerator for up to 5,500-tonnes and an exhibition hall of 1,000-sq metres will be commissioned in December 2012.

“This building of the cooling chain with modern equipment will not only effectively keep products with minimal losses, but also reduce price peaks throughout the entire season of sale, and provide additional jobs and revenues to the budget,” Kostyak says.