US company expands cold storage site

Donna, TX, US: Bland Distribution Services (BDS) has expanded its cold storage and dock areas. BDS now has 9,290sq metres of cold, dry, packing, dock, and office space. Cold storage space is divided into eight separately controlled areas with a 3,100-pallet position capacity. Each area incorporates AiroCide technology, an air filtration and anti-ethylene gas system, and state-of-the-art refrigeration computer controls. The expansion includes an additional six refrigerated dock doors, bringing the total to 11 doors.

“We are most excited about the new refrigerated space for reworking and repacking shipments, which assures the cold chain for our customers,” says Nick Sanchez, general manager of BDS. “The facility has now doubled the controlled-temperature zones from four to eight, and increased dock doors has brought the loading time from check-in to completion down to one hour. This expansion allows BDS to once again grow with their customers and develop new business, as it has been at full capacity since December 2010.”

BDS opened in November 2008 as a cold storage and distribution center for fresh, frozen, and dry goods. It specialises in consolidating loads, layer picking shipments, reconditioning/repacking, and quality assurance inspections.