US Greek yoghurt spreads to UK

London, UK: A US businessman behind Chobani, America’s third largest yoghurt maker, has revealed that he plans to take that success to Britain, according to the Telegraph.

Hamdi Ulukaya, a US-based Turk, is initially launching Chobani yoghurts in the UK, selling them in 200 Tesco stores. However, Ulukaya plans to set up a yoghurt manufacturing venture in Britain that could create up to 300 jobs.

He also plans to open a Greek yoghurt shop in London. “Our aim is to bring this product to every corner of the UK at an affordable price,” Ulukaya told the Telegraph. “The goal is to have a factory in the UK.”

Ulukaya started Chobani seven years ago after taking control of a small feta cheese company from Kraft Foods Group.  Chobani (named after the Turkish for shepherd) now has 1,200 staff and has an 18% share of America’s $6.5bn per annum (£4.09bn) yoghurt market.

According to market research firm Nielsen, the UK chilled yoghurt market is worth £1.9bn per annum. Last year it was led by Muller of Germany, with a 31% share and French group Danone with a 21% share.