Vivafresh sets world record for fresh-cut rose cold storage

Port Townsend, WA, US: Vivafresh, which supplies vacuum freshness technology, has set a new world record for the storage of fresh cut roses that delivers a pristine product after over fifty days.

No other cold chain technology has demonstrated this capacity with roses the company says.

In an on-going commercial demonstration of the technology at the Vivafresh laboratory in Homestead, Florida, Dr Tom Davenport, director of research and development for Vivafresh confirms that the Vivafresh system maintains the quality of the cut flowers at least ten times longer than previous processes.

“While this is now the new standard for Vivafresh systems, conventional cold chain methods typically produce a product that begins to degrade after just five days in storage,” the company says.

“After over fifty days in the Vivafresh system, the roses maintain their like new condition and industry-established vase life,” it says.