Wholesaler Bestway to expand into chilled food distribution

Coventry, UK: Wholesaler Bestway is poised to move into chilled distribution with a central hub in Coventry, according to Independent Retail News.

The hub will initially distribute products to the company’s other depots around the UK but it will eventually deliver direct to retailers as well, says managing director, Younus Sheikh.

“We’re just in the process of constructing the facility. We’ve already got the depot in Coventry and we’re going to convert part of that to use for chilled distribution,” Sheikh told Independent Retail News.

“We’ll start with dairy and meat products and eventually extend that into things like fruit and veg and sandwiches.”

Chilled distribution to the group’s cash and carries is expected to start later this year, with direct-to-retailer deliveries coming in during 2013. Bestway already distributes chilled products to its Best-one symbol group retailers, but this is carried out through a third-party company.