World’s first freeze point suppression system for Lineage

Greeley, Colorado, USA: Lineage Logistics has installed a new, thermodynamic cycle called a freeze point suppression, at its 115,000-square-foot cold storage and blast freezing site in Greeley, Colorado.

Freeze point suppression allows users to freeze more product, achieve higher efficiencies and better moisture management throughout the site.

Rebound Technologies provided the new system called IcePoint to provide up to 80 tons of cooling while simultaneously managing moisture levels and helping avoid peak energy rates.

IcePoint technology reduces temperature fluctuations which leads to inefficiencies and reduced throughput. Its dehumidification impact greatly reduces defrost cycles resulting in faster freezing times, better equipment operation and labour savings. This technology offers next generation flexibility and impact in an otherwise fixed-capacity, legacy equipment world with excellent return on investment.

“IcePoint represents a huge leap for industrial cooling technology,” said Alexander Woolf, vice president, research and development, Lineage Logistics. “The go-live of the first industrial-scale IcePoint unit represents a key milestone in the six-year collaboration between Lineage and Rebound.”

Rebound and Lineage partnered on a pilot project in 2018 at a strawberry processing site in California, where it was shown to increase throughput. The unit operating at Greeley is 10 times larger than the initial pilot and was installed with almost no interruption since it does not require engine room integration or critical ammonia infrastructure tie-in.
“This installation is an exciting step for Rebound and Lineage. Our partnership with Lineage represents the first commercialisation of FPS technology and offers the next step in the evolution of improved cold chain operations,” John Fox, chief executive, Rebound Technologies, said.