Yearsley Gateway Peterborough runs into planning snags

Hampton, Peterborough, UK: Planning concern has been raised over multi-million pound plans by Yearsley Group for a cold storage warehouse to the south of Peterborough.

Hampton Parish Council has given its first impressions about Gateway Peterborough in the Great Haddon Employment Zone. In a letter to Yearsley Group, parish clerk Kate Day details a range of concerns held by council members, including posible consequences the additional traffic would have for the Fletton Parkway, as well as the buildings’ effect on the area’s visual amenity, stating the construction of 35 metre high buildings will “substantially and adversely impact on Hampton”.

Yearsley reiterated the benefits of the scheme including new jobs and said the traffic generated by the plans is “entirely within the parameters” of the outline planning permission which has already been granted. The proposed buildings are 1.2km from the nearest houses and would have only limited impact on local amenity the company said.