Yearsley takes 20 MAN tractors

Heywood, Lancashire, UK:  The Yearsley Group has taken delivery of a 20 new MAN TGX 26.442BLS 6×2 tractors for its 300 vehicle haulage fleet. It is the first time Yearsley has run MANs.

The order is “part of our on-going strategy of replacing vehicles to ensure they remain as environmentally friendly and cost efficient as possible,” says Mark Haslam, head of logistics at Yearsley.

“These vehicles are the first Yearsley’s have ordered from MAN and we believe that the TGX is ideally suited to our operation”.

“The XLX cab is very driver friendly and the vehicles offer a high level of driver comfort, he says.

Some of Yearsley's first 20 new MAN TGX 26.442BLS 6x2 tractors for its 300 vehicle haulage fleet

The tractors entered service at the end of October and operate from 5 of Yearsley’s12 locations.

The MAN order followed operational trials against other truck manufacturers. “Positive driver feedback combined with the low whole-life costing were key in selecting MAN as Yearsley’s new commercial vehicle supplie,” a MAN spokesperson said.