Call to Treasury to keep logistics costs down

London, UK: The main focus of Logistics UK’s budget submission will be high fuel prices, says Mariefi Kamizouli, head of economics and productivity, Logistics UK.

“The extension to the 5ppl cut in fuel duty is set to end on 23 March 2024, therefore the main focus of our response will be to ensure that costs to our industry are not increased at this time. Keeping costs down will enable the sector’s funds to be focused on decarbonisation.”  

“To give the sector greater certainty, we will also be reiterating our calls for the introduction of a dynamic mechanism for fuel duty, to ensure that, in periods of high fuel prices, the Treasury keeps fuel duty down by taking into account its tax receipts from VAT and other sources.

“We will also be reiterating our calls for government to establish a cross-Whitehall Logistics Productivity Forum, to maximise the benefits that the logistics sector can deliver to the whole economy.” 

The budget will be held on 6 March 2024.