Ceva Logistics to grow electric vehicle fleet by 2026

Munich, Germany: Ceva Logistics has pledged to grow its fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) to 1,450 by the end of 2025 as the next step in its commitment to reaching net zero by 2050. The company, which made the announcement during the 2023 Transport Logistic show in Munich, said that the expanded EV fleet would reduce the company’s CO2 emissions by an estimated 67,000 tonnes per year.

Ceva identified electric battery trucks as the most promising technology to replace fossil fuels and initiated its transition to electric vehicles several years ago. This decision enabled the company to build up its experience operating more than 200 EV vans through its Colis Privé subsidiary and more than 20 EV trucks across all continents. Other initiatives to reduce emissions include scaling up the use of biogas and biofuels, testing hydrogen fuel cell and other slow-carbon trucks and switching some full-truckload shipments to rail.

Last year Ceva said the company intends to triple the surface area of its solar panels through a joint investment of $180m by the end of 2025. The company also expects to power all of its warehouses with low-carbon electricity in the same timeframe and to use 100% LED lighting in its warehouses by the end of 2023.

Xavier Bour, global ground leader, Ceva Logistics, said: “An EV fleet of this size is a significant, tangible step in our journey towards a more sustainable future. This decision exemplifies both our relentless focus on finding better ways to transport our customers’ goods and the desire of our Ceva colleagues to reduce emissions across our logistics operations. We believe in the future of EVs, and we’re committed to making that future happen.”