DSV adds CNG fuels to its fleet

Immingham, UK: DSV in Immingham has launched a trial using CNG Fuels, that if successful, will help it achieve the Science Based Targets set by the DSV Sustainability Board.

CNG Fuels’ supply of Bio-CNG from a waste feedstock is verified and approved by the Department for Transport. Adopting Bio-CNG fuel will contribute significantly to GHG emissions savings for the UK and help towards achieving emissions targets in the future.

“At DSV, we see an increase demand for greener logistics, with switching from diesel to Bio-CNG there is evidence of over 90% emissions saving. CNG are anticipating to achieve 100% carbon reduction by early next year, we strive on continuous improvement in our sustainability goals and will continue to implement future sustainable initiatives in our operations,” says Michael Hague, haulage operation general manager.

“Our sustainable fuel options provide a solution to the challenges that many of our customers face when trying to purchase biofuels as part of their decarbonisation strategy. We take care of finding the right suppliers and perform a strict vetting to ensure that the fuels are produced in accordance with guidelines and standards,” says Chris Malyon, senior director

“During the first week, the vehicle using CNG Fuels has displayed excellent performance results when compared to diesel equivalent vehicles on the same routes. Switching our HGV fleet from diesel to #Biomethane will be critical for reaching our transport decarbonisation goals.”

DSV Green Logistics consists of five services: supply chain design and optimisation, sustainable warehousing, carbon offsetting, CO2 reporting and sustainable fuel. DSV’s sustainable fuel offerings are sustainable fuel alternatives for customer transport which enable the customer to reduce CO2 emissions.