Envirotainer opens Singapore station

Stockholm, Sweden: Envirotainer has opened a CryoSure station in Singapore to expand availability of ultra-cold (-70°C) medicine transport.

The station is near one of the largest airports in the world for international cargo traffic and a major hub for Asia and the Pacific.

“This puts -70°C cryogenic shipping within reach of the fastest growing region in the pharmaceutical logistics market,” Envirotainer says.

CryoSure suits extremely low temperature cold chain uses such as cell and gene therapies, one of the fastest growing markets in the life sciences sector.

“Designed with extreme demands in mind, the solution comprises a range of dewars with unmatched performance and superior duration of up to three weeks without the need for refilling dry ice. They’re heat resistant with unparalleled ease-of-use, which further mitigates risk. It’s the most reliable choice for cryogenic -70°C shipments,” Envirotainer says.

“With this new addition to Envirotainer’s broad global network, customers will benefit from more efficient logistics. It not only improves the offering for customers in terms of speed and availability, but also sustainability.”