Frigo Warehousing builds warehouse in Moerdijk

Moerdijk, Netherlands: Frigo Warehousing is building a distribution centre in the port of Moerdijk.

The distribution centre will have a veterinary inspection point, making a stop in Rotterdam for import goods such as fish and meat unnecessary.

Erik Janse, business development director, Frigo Warehousing, said: “The aim is to always transport as little by road as possible.”

“Sixty percent of the cargo travels by short sea and rail out of our six distribution centres in Breda and Etten-Leur. The most important question for us is: ‘when needs the cargo to arrive?’ – then we adjust our logistics plan accordingly.

“We take a look at each shipment and think about how we can make a difference. We want to make sure we take as many kilometres off the road as possible, but of course, the degree of speed of transportation must never suffer”.

The new warehouse in Moerdijk will eventually accommodate 72,000 pallets.

Frigo wants to bring as much inland shipping as possible directly to Moerdijk. In this way, it remove as many containers from the road as possible.