Heat recovery delivers savings

Beverley, UK: Heat Recovery leads to cost savings, says Ken Riley, sales director, DK Heat Recovery.

The company working with Secker & Sons (Norwich) has installed several- systems that demonstrate the cost-saving benefits of heat recovery.

Suffolk-based Lamberts, an abattoir, incorporated a heat reclaim system when it installed new cold and freezer rooms at its Suffolk site. The heat reclaim system virtually eliminated the need to heat hot water through conventional gas boilers.

Heat recovery at Lamberts virtually eliminated the need to heat hot water through gas boilers

But it is not only large food processors that benefit. At the seventh anniversary of an installation, Keelham Farm Shop in Yorkshire, DK Heat Recovery calculated the the cost savings at today’s fuel price cap at £16,000 annually.

Riley said: “The heat recovery system that we supplied was a 750-litre storage tank with three internal heat exchangers that are capable of generating over 500 litres of free hot water per hour.

The system was also fitted with an optional heat meter that monitors the real-time hot water usage for accurate cost-saving calculations.

Ken Riley, sales director, DK Heat Recovery

“Unlike plate heat exchangers, the twin wall design of the heat recovery exchangers comply with EN1717, which is a requirement for all potable water use.”

In April 2019, DK Heat Recovery installed a further two heat exchangers to cope with increased demand. The installation was completed by Secker and Sons on behalf of Creative Retail Solutions.