Idem telematics cold chain verification

Munich, Germany: Idem telematics has simplified cold chain document verification whether the recipient prefers a paper printout or data in different formats as proof.

Idem set itself the goal of making the verification of temperature data easier, more efficient and also more flexible for owners, drivers and recipients, the company says.

Drivers can now hand over the verification of a closed cold chain by smartphone app in the customer’s preferred format – in paper format from the thermal printer or also by e-mail as a PDF file.

“It’s not only super fast and simple, it also works without any cable connections, as smartphones, printers and telematics are connected to one another wirelessly via Bluetooth,” Idem says.

The smartphone app directly accesses the system without having to redirect data via the cloud. “That’s why the paper printout can also be made from the driver’s cab, even with a weak or completely absent mobile network connection,” Idem says.

“The final reason for installing a classic temperature recorder is also rendered obsolete with the combination of TC Trailer Gateway PRO, mobile printer and app; the printer function is integrated as standard in all TC Trailer Gateway PRO devices and can be remotely approved online. The device meets practically all relevant wireless standards and can be easily installed, even through retrofitting. A dedicated smartphone app supports the garage with the installation.

“While paper format temperature verification on-site is essential in certain cases, many companies are increasingly requesting direct access to transport data in real time. However, transport companies often reveal much more data to the customer than they would like. idem telematics therefore enables hauliers to manage transport data themselves based on tours and orders and pass it on to end customers in a controlled manner: temperatures, the estimated time of arrival and other data can thus be automatically transferred to the recipient’s ERP system, while other internal business information remains shielded from the customer’s eyes.”

Jens Zeller, general manager of telematics, says: “The trend is also clearly towards direct access for the recipient to the haulier’s real time transport data in temperature-managed haulage. And yet, paper printouts on-site are still the rule in many industries. We are simplifying legally compliant cold chain verification with the latest functional upgrade of our telematics platform – whether by printer, e-mail or data exchange, the customer can decide individually. In this way, we are extending hauliers’ service capabilities and, at the same time, protecting their data and business interests.”