Magnavale Easton monorail near completion

Chesterfield, UK: Installation of high-speed monorails, began in July last year at Magnavale’s Easton 101,000-pallet cold store, is near completion. The monorail system construction took 4 months: panning almost half a kilometre, it extends over two levels within the building.

The monorails change speed to match the volume of pallets entering the cold store to enable best efficiency. Each of the 54 trolleys can carry 1,200kg. The monorails represent the backbone of the fully automated cold store, Magnavale says.

“The mezzanine levels of the Easton development, which are located directly above the intake and dispatch bays are designed so that stock can be efficiently retrieved from the automated warehouse and delivered, vertically via the monorail directly to the start of packing, date-coding and other processing lines, with no human intervention.”

“Set to become the most efficient cold store in Europe, alongside the automated features, the facility will run entirely on renewable energy, making the cold store a sustainable option for our partners.”
Amanda Cogan, chief operating officer, said: “We are excited to see our development coming together.  The incorporation of automated cranes and the recent addition of the monorail system at Magnavale Easton signify a significant evolution in temperature-controlled storage.

“The Easton facility holds particular significance for us, not merely due to its size or technological advancements, but more importantly, because of the pivotal role it is poised to play in enhancing food production in Lincolnshire and supporting our partners in the surrounding area.”

“We are delighted with the progress of the development and are on schedule to complete Q3 this year.”