Singapore: Ninja Van launches cold-chain delivery

Singapore: Courier and logistics company provider Ninja Van has launched a cold chain delivery service. Ninja Cold is part of its expansion plans beyond e-commerce.

Ray Chou, country head, Ninja Van Singapore, said: “The implementation of a cold chain logistics system grants us access to the food and pharmaceutical industries, which were previously out of reach as we couldn’t transport temperature-controlled goods.”

Ninja Cold services include fresh fruits and frozen seafood, as well as medicines. The service uses use cooler boxes for small deliveries and refrigerated trucks for large deliveries. Products can be taken directly from customer warehouses for delivery.

“Our ability to now support these bedrock industries in Singapore presents a significant growth opportunity not only for Ninja Cold, but also allows us to explore potential synergies with other facets of our services,” Chou said.

Ninja Cold will launch in Singapore and Malaysia. Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam will follow.