Fuel saving telematics

Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK: Trakm8 has launched Eco, a fuel-saving telematics solution that comprises Trakm8 T8 telematics hardware, a driver  display, and the Swift web portal-based information system.

The data is derived from the vehicle communication system and the telematics hardware.  Accurate fuel usage figures along with harsh braking, acceleration and cornering information provide the operator with data to monitor the performance of the vehicle and driver.

Trend data allows for driver behaviour change  to reduce the fuel usage and fleet trials show consumption reductions of up to 20%, says John Watkins, chief executive of Trakm8.

“Government legislation, heightening fuel prices and cost pressures from a competitive industry all represent significant growth drivers for sales.  We continue to work with our existing partners, in addition to forging new relationships in the UK, Europe and America, to ensure successful adoption of Eco,” Watkins says.

In combination with the launch of Eco, Trakm8 has “significantly enhanced the functionality of the Swift Telematics solution”, he says. Swift web portal, which originally launched in 2007, completes the  product by enabling fleets to be monitored as units, regions and as a whole.