Ice-free doors from Union

Leeds, UK: Door maker Union Industries has installed a heavy duty Eiger door at the Bar & Restaurant Foods site in Newport, Gwent. 

Union Industries installed two Eiger Doors at Bar & Restaurant Foods’ factory in 2005 to assist with temperature control, prevent snow and ice build-up at and reduce costs from crash damage.

The newest Eiger was installed as part of a refurbishment of the freezer area. As the door is mounted inside the freezer, which is -25°c degrees, it incorporates an Eiger 1000 dehumidifier, which Union manufactures, and also has insulation jackets to the columns, guides, motor cover and dehumidifier to protect certain parts of the door from snow and ice build up.

The Eiger Door opens at 1.6 metres/second and closes automatically after a short dwell time,. This allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising the freezer temperature. Warm air ingress into the freezer is reduced so the normal build-up of ice and frost around the doorway is prevented.

The dehumidification process and the high speed opening and closing operation of the door also prevents ice build-up on the ‘blade’, frame and workings. This helps eradicate snow and ice forming around the opening and on the floors which had safety benefits.