Thermo King new SB-30 Series cuts operating costs

Louisville, KY, US: Transport operators customers can achieve immediate fuel savings and improve operational efficiency using Thermo King’s SB-30 series said the company at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

Thermo Kings SB-30 series units have a fuel filtration system that can save the average 500-vehicle fleet owner up to US$100,000 in fuel-related maintenance expenses, Thermo King says. A new controller that allows data transfer via USB flash drive means the average 500-vehicle fleet can gain 180 hours of in-service time annually compared to data transfer via traditional laptops and cables.

Two upgrades due in June 2011 include a new evaporator blower assembly expected to lower fuel costs up to 7% while reducing required run time, and integrated wireless technology which provides options for customers to track and control their refrigerated fleets via Thermo King or third-party telematics.

Chris Casazza, president of Thermo King North America says: “Today more than ever, strong uptime and efficiency numbers are critical factors for a healthy bottom line.”

“We built these innovative solutions around the specific needs of our customers and what they’ve told us they need to be successful.”